OBM Education is an Egyptian educational company that provides services and guidance content to pre-university students through various training programs and events, Which is considered the largest company in Egypt in terms of the number of students benefiting from us. Besides our online solution (Taleb), which supports all the needs of all students from different aspects related to parallel education and the students' different choices for their future directions through unlimited features and add-ons within our platform.

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+20 110 176 6074

Meet Our Great Team.

Ezz El-Deen Farag
Co Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Omar El-Barbary
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Bassma Nasser
Communications Manager
Omar Ayyad
Business Development Assistant
Mohamed Hijazi
Analytics Manager
Hesham Mahmoud
Art Director
Youssef Elbaathyy
Sales Director
Hager Mahmoud
Sales Director
Kerolos Kamal
Technology Director