We are an educational company that works to provide services and create a distinct educational climate for students in all aspects related to their choices for their future related to work-life or choosing colleges through the summits, which are the largest in Egypt for pre-university students and qualifying programs, in addition to tech solution (TALEB), the unique app provides all the needs of students in the study stage and outside it through many unlimited services. We always want to help students, educational institutions, and other businesses to have a connected community in which weexchange services and everyone can benefit from the other party. OBM works in all governorates of Egypt through 310 ambassadors who are chosen annually to represent all our services. We served more than 1M students throughout our journey with more than 200 partners from universities, schools, government institutions, companies, and non-governmental organizations.

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A unique application that provides all the needs of students in the study stage and beyond through many unlimited services related to students' choices with many features for the first time within one place. You can download the application with following link: